Meet Judane Rhodes

This young talented woman has a special relationship with God and has devoted her gift to bringing joy and peace to the hearts of her listeners.


My Story, His Glory

“It’s not a religion, but a RELATIONSHIP”.  This describes the message behind the music of Judane Rhodes. Born and raised in the island of Jamaica into a Christ-centered family, Judane was exposed to culturally rich music and ministry early on in life.  Music and the arts have always been her canvas of expression from a young age.  She started playing the piano at the age of four by ear and her natural God given gifts and talents began to develop overtime.


After many years of playing and singing strictly without formal training, she began to pine after developing her skills.  This new found inspiration led her to later become a graduate of Five Towns College in Long Island, New York where she received her Master’s degree in Music.  She is also currently the Music Director of her local church in Queens, New York.  From a background of Contemporary Christian Music, Praise and Worship, and Reggae, Judane infused her love for Jazz and R&B to create a sound that captivates not just the attention of others but with an amazing voice reaches into their hearts and moves their spirit towards healing.


Judane has released four singles “Rescue Me”, “Live Again”, “You” and most recently “Fly”.  She is currently working on releasing her long-awaited EP which will be entitled "You”.  “This is merely the beginning of an amazing journey,” states Judane as she reflects on the early stages of her ministry and pursues her dream of reaching the world with a message of hope, love and peace.